The MacFit Blog
boxing bill 390This blog exists because I have a desire to help move you from your current fitness level to your desired fitness level. I will attempt to do this by opening my vast stores of fitness knowledge accumulated over 25 years, sharing it with anyone who will sit still long enough to listen. In this place, I will speak truth, no pseudo-science, no scare tactics, no half-truths, nor fitness industry babble. While I am a personal trainer by trade, in this space I sell you neither product nor service. I will simply open the black box and show you what’s inside.

Fitness is not a mystic art understood by a special few; it is part science, part art, and wholly accessible to all willing to pay the price for its possession. The price is a combination of learning, planning, commitment, focus, time, effort, and forgiveness. You must learn to speak the language of fitness, and more importantly, you must learn everything about yourself. You must set goals and map out a plan to achieve them. You must commit yourself fully to your personal success. You must focus on your success and refocus quickly upon losing focus to distraction. You must put in the time (learning, planning, doing, and reviewing, wash, rinse, repeat). You must make every effort to be successful and to regain your footing every time you falter. You must learn to forgive yourself when you falter, and trust me, you will most assuredly falter. If you want a magic potion, a silver bullet, or divine intervention, you need look no further than the nearest mirror. You are the magic…  You are the silver bullet…  Divinity resides in you…  

I make you no promises save these: if you learn, plan, commit, focus, put in the time and effort, and come to love and respect yourself like no other, you will succeed; if you fail to do any one of these, you will fail… again… There are no long-term rewards in shortcuts, as many of you have discovered, shortcuts may make the pounds go away for a short time, but when they return, they will most definitely bring friends. So, this blog exists to teach you about the things required to achieve success in fitness (or in life). Your journey of a thousand miles has just begun with this first step… keep moving forward… you are not alone.

Write this down and place it where you can see it all day every day:

I’m the difference between impossible and possible!